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A Thousand Angsty Whales, all pumping iron: DO IT NOW: Guide to Proper Bra Fit and Measuring because Victoria Secret and La Senza and whatever are full of shit and...


Hi guys I’m obsessed with this shit lately because I don’t want anyone to have unhappy, unsupported boobs like I did. Even if you think your boobs and bras are fine, try it. It will make a big difference in comfort, support, and shape, even if you have small boobs or big boobs. A proper fitting…

if anyone out there is still interested in what i got to say, i’m moving my tumblr to new username, morbid-zanna. this one will most likely stay on, but will never or close to never used


please watch this.

I watched this whole documentary in my sociology class and it only made me MORE dissatisfied with the advertising and fashion world today. UGH! I wish women would be as free as men are to be who we want/are and do what we want/need! There should be no ‘ideal image of beauty’ that each woman has to fit into. And furthermore, there shouldn’t be constant outside pressure to fit into such image.

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John is getting better these days. He’s even dating a woman named Mary Morstan. - MH

I know. I’ve seen him. He looks very happy now. And I am happy for him too. - SH

You have to come back before you lose the most important person in your life, Sherlock.  - MH

No. He deserves better. - SH

Why would you make this??


Because I enjoy torturing myself….. ehehehehehehe


That last pic :(

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